Effective: 08/01/2018

Fixed Rate First Mortgage

Mortgage TermAPR
5 YearPlease Call
10 YearPlease Call
15 YearPlease Call
20 YearPlease Call
30 Year with a 15 Year CallPlease Call

Fixed Rate Second Mortgage

Mortgage TermMaximum LTVAPR
5 Year75%7.15%
10 Year75%7.40%
15 Year75%7.99%

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Maximum LTVMaximum LOCAPR
  • APR isĀ Annual Percentage Rate.
  • Appraisal, Flood Insurance, Title Insurance, and Title Fees may apply.
  • All Rates Subject to Change Without Notice.
  • Disclosures: Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
    *Annual Percentage Rate may vary. Maximum APR 18.00%. Limited to residential owner-occupied homes. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Equal Housing Lender. NMLS #789558. These plans have a variable rate feature and the APR and minimum payment may change as a result. The annual percentage rate is based on the value of an index. The index is the Prime Rate published in the Money Rates column of the Wall Street Journal. When a range of rates has been published, the highest rate will be used. To determine the annual percentage rate that will apply to your account, we add a margin to the value of the Index. The margin you will receive is based on your creditworthiness and loan-to-value.